Long Spout Champagne Tap, Curved pipe handle, worm on pipe, fish tail side valve

Unusual French "long tap" Champagne tap where the curved pipe is formed into a handle as it curves to a serpent's head spout. The single side valve has a fish tail shape and the tip worm has only a few turns. Operation : Leaving the champagne cork retaining wire in place, the screw tip of the tap is used to drive the tap into and through the cork. The tap is pushed through the cork until tip almost reaches the bottom of the bottle and/or any depth desired. The fish tail shaped valve is turned to start the fluid flow. Fluid flow must be under pressure with CO2 that is in soda and champagne--drink on ! . Listed in ScrewBase as #ZLt660 and further info. in D. Bull's U.C. book, page 49. . Estimated value is $100+ Satis. guaranteed

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