Longaberger Basket Collection

I sold Longaberger baskets for a number of years and don't have the time now. I would like to sell the following baskets:

1999 Daisy Combo w/Tie on 1995 Easter basket with protector and tie on 1999 Medium Fruit combo with lid 2000 Unbeelievable combo with tie on Bee Basket Set 1999 Beachcomber combo signed by Judy #8, Jerry #3 & Mary #7 2000 Small Waste with protector 1997 Darning basket with Christmas liner ( protector cracked ) 1998 Medium Waste Combo 1990 Basket with lid Ivory soap Dispenser ( Blue) 1994 Fathers Day Tissue Basket with Lid & Protector 2002 Bee Basket Combo 1995 Heartland Tall Key Basket with Protector & Tie on 1997 Pen & Pencil Basket with protector 2000 Mini Square waste with protector 1998 Stair Step basket combo 1991 Large Fruit Basket with protector and tie on Collector Club 5 year Anniversary Basket with protector 2 2000 Sweet Heart Basket Combo and 1 Lid Iron Sweet Heart Shape Stand 1997 Natural Small Spoon Combo with Lid and Divider 1999 Seashell Basket Combo Small, Medium, Large Waste Basket Lids ( small scratches on knobs) Iron Basket Holder Large Christmas Lid with Green Knob Small Storage solutions Divider Tissue Lid, 2 Bread Lids 1998 25th Anniversary Basket Combo 1995 Medium Gathering Basket Combo with Wooden Divider Asst protectors, Cracker Divider 1992 Christmas Basket with
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