Longaberger basket print by Sarah Metz Wood

This signed and numbered limited-edition watercolor print is called "May Day, " and is number 313/400. This print has been triple matted with a deep burgundy for the inner matt, and then cream on cream for the two outer mats, and is framed in my favorite gold frame (wood that has been sculpted and brushed with a bit of white wash to keep it from being too fancy). It measures 27 x 28 1/2.

W I grew up smack dab in the middle of this grand country, Illinois to be precise, we celebrated May Day by first of all honoring the Blessed Virgin May and crowning her with flowers, and then making bay baskets and delivering them to our neighbors. We would make these baskets out of construction paper and line them with lace doilies and fill them with a bit of candy and whatever flowers we could find. We would make a handle so that we could hang the basket on the door knob. How exciting to leave our gift and then hide behind the nearest bush while we waited for our friends to answer the door bell. If we got caught the penalty was a kiss! What fun!

What a joy it was to paint this watercolor! The memories of being a child and how special my Mother made each holiday even May day. When I set up this watercolor still life, I wanted to share the story with you but in truth I really wanted to relive my past.

Wishing you sweet
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