Longaberger CC Renewal Sets 1999-2005

Longaberger Collector's Club Renewal Basket Sets

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1999 Renewal Basket Basket measures 6.75" X 5.75" X 4.75". Is slightly smaller at the bottom has braided handles and CC shoestring weave with CC trim strip. Liner is CC plaid and I have the plastic protector and colored Product Card.

2000 Renewal Basket Basket measures 6.75" X 5.25" X 3.25". Is a small rectangle with CC signature weaving. Liner is CC plaid and includes the plastic protector and color product card.

2001-2002 Renewal Basket Basket is a replica of the snapdragon vase but smaller. It measures 5" round by 6" high. It has the CHARTER MEMBER TAG, CC signature weaving, and CC plaid liner. The protector is the bouquet bundler set in two pieces. One being the large protector that covers the inside of the basket and the other piece being the round insert on the top to keep a bouquet of flowers in place.

2002-2003 Renewal Basket Basket measures 6.25" X 5" X 1.75". Has the CC signature weave, braided handles, CC plaid liner and plastic protector.

2003-2004 Renewal Basket This unique basket measures 4.5" X 3.25" X 4" and is smaller at the top and larger at the bottom with a swinging handle. Basket has signature CC weave, CC plaid liner, and plastic protector.

2004-2005 Renewal Basket This round basket
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