Longaberger Collectors Club Harmony Baskets - Complete

This item is the complete set of Collector's Club Harmony Baskets - 1 through 5. They are in a shaker style and stacking was intended. Basket #5 has an incised lid "Longaberger Collectors Club" and each of the other 4 have their plain woodcraft lids with the incising inside the lid. Each has a plastic protector while the two (2) largest have an additional dividing protector. Two have product cards - #4 and #2. T are no boxes. The baskets have been displayed and have a stray mark or two and a stray mark on several lids from stacking. However, t are no broken weaves or splints and no fading - a really nice grouping. I am starting at a very reasonable price for basket of this quality and rarity. I reserve the right to ship by FedEx if it is less expensive. Shipping is $15.00.