Longaberger Heisey Clydesdale Horse Collection (all 3)

We are selling our entire collection of Longaberger Heisey Clydesdale Horses, Ruby Red, Cobalt Blue, and Emerald Green.The Ruby Red were made for the Crawford Barn Raising at the Longaberger Homestead in 1998 and only 900 were produced. The Cobalt Blue was produced in 1999 and the third and final Emerald Green was produced in 2000. They have been in a pet/smoke free home and are in "excellent" condition. The original boxes and tags are included for all the horses. The Ruby Red tag has Tom and George Heisey signatures. T are two tags with the Cobalt Blue (one with Tom Heisey signature), and the original tag for the Emerald Green. The horses are marked with "HCA" (Heisey Collectors Association), a maple leaf ( a mark for the Longaberger Maple Baskets), an M for Mosser Glass (company the made the horse using the original A. H. Heisey mold in Newark, Ohio) and each horse is dated 98, 99, 00. We are not expert Heisey glassware folks and have tried to describe the horses as best as we can. Each horse weighs approx. 3# and measures approx. 2" wide x approx. 7.5" high x approx. 7.5" long. We started buying the horses during the peak of Longaberger. During this peak, the Ruby Red was selling as high as $1800 to $2000. If you have any questions or need additional photos, please ask. We also have the Teal and Willow Blue Heisey Colt Collection

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