Up for your consideration from my Smoke and Pet Free home is a LONGABERGER COLLECTOR'S CLUB 1998 J.W MINI APPLE BASKET COMBO. It is #3 in the series of 12 Mini basket replicas honoring the founder of the company. It is in excellent NEW condition with no splits, cracks or stains on the weavers or liner. (see Photos). This basket was woven in 1997. Which means it was one of the FIRST baskets made. The set includes the basket with a single swing handle measuring 5.25"RD X 3.25" high (not including the handle), Blue Checked Stand up liner, Protector, Certificate of authenticity, Product card and Original Box. My starting price is a fraction of the original price of $139.95 for this basket alone. The complete set included in the auction originally originally sold for $156.85 plus shipping and tax. These baskets were only available to Collector's Club Members. I had an opportunity to purchase the complete collection with several baskets signed by family members. So I will be listing the duplicate baskets from this collection. Please keep in mind that t was a limited number of baskets produced for each basket in this series. Soon these retired baskets and accessories will be hard to find in any market. I know the winner will love this apple basket. Included is the following:

(1) Longaberger 1998 J. W. Mini Apple Basket 5.25"RD
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