Longines/Wittnauer WILD BILL/LITTLE BIG H Silver Coins

Longines-Wittnauer Sterling Silver Medallions

There are 2 sterling silver collectable medallions in this box (pictures included) available in this listing for purchase.


From the original collector's series of "Great American Achievements". (distributed in the 70's) The artwork and engravings are spectacular with a great amount of realistic detail and depth to each design. A brief explanation is on the reverse side of each coin. There's no rhyme or reason for the packaging. Some coins are in red or black boxes, and some coins are 'sealed' on blue cardboard with a plastic covering. You will be able to tell what kind of packaging has been used from my photos.

Each medallion round is marked on the side rim with Longines-Wittnauer, Inc. USA Sterling Series 12-31-72

Each weighs 34.8 grams and measures 1 9/16 inches across (two coins=two troy ounces of silver)

I don't think these coins have been removed from this box in years until recently when I had to take them out to repeat this information for this listing. They have been in bank vault storage for at least 20+ years.

On the reverse side of the "Wild Bill Hickok" it reads: 1836-1876 "Wild Bill" Hickok This famous frontier scout and lawman never shot a man except in self defense, yet
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