The Longwalkers Cougar Hunting Book-Mountain Lion-1st


Twenty-five Years of Tracking the Northern Cougar

by Jerry A. Lewis

First Edition, 1995


Written by a man who truly understands the cougar's ways and who appreciates the land he hunts, this book is a MUST-HAVE for your Cougar hunting or hound dog (Bluetick, Redbone, Treeing Walker) library!

Trek the snow-covered mountain forests of Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, and Alberta with the author as he follows cougars/mountain lions on foot, guided by his keen hounds. Cougars can travel forty miles without resting or eating, and few people possess the dedication or endurance Lewis has to locate these big cats---whether carrying a gun, a camera, or a notebook.


"The big cougar's eyes shone a bright emerald green in the weak flashlight beam. He was so close that I could see his entire body. I didn't wait for much more to happen; as soon as the sights of my short-barreled Smith & Wesson settled on his chest, I squeezed the trigger. The sight picture looked good in the beam of the flashlight, and I was certain the bullet passed through the lungs, or possibly the heart. At the roar of the gun there was a bright flash of light from the narrow gap between the cylinder and the chamber. The big cat rose straight off the limb from his prostrate
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