LORD ELGIN "Aquamaster" Automatic Wristwatch, 1950's

This lot is for a FULLY FUNCTIONAL, LORD ELGIN "Aquamaster", Automatic (self-winding) Vintage Wristwatch, Circa 1950s! The Elgin National Watch Company, was founded in August 1864 as the National Watch Company. The growing young city of Elgin , Illinois was chosen as factory site. The first movement was a B.W. Raymond, 18 size, full plate design. In 1910, the company built the Elgin National Watch Company Observatory to maintain scientifically precise times in their watches. The factory in Elgin closed in 1964, after having produced half of the total number of pocket watches manufactured in the U.S.A. The Elgin Watch Company sold watches under the names, Elgin , Lord Elgin, and Lady Elgin. The company produced many of the self-winding (automatic) wristwatch movements ever made in the United States beginning with the 607 and 618 calibers (which were bumper wind) and the calibers 760 and 761 (30 and 27 jewels respectively).

I am unable to remove the back cover to view the movement, however, it is marked on the back cover as an "Automatic" self-winding movement. The winding mechanism can be wound by the stem as traditional mechanical watches AND the watch is automatically wound from the wearer's body movement! That is a really cool feature. The case back is marked "AQUAMASTER, waterproof, automatic". The watch band is marked
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