THE LORD OF THE RINGSTHE NOBLE COLLECTION PEWTER CHESS SET WITH 3 COMPLETE SETS OF PLAYING PIECES MINT CONDITION - VERY RARE! You are bidding on THE LORD OF THE RINGS CHESS SET, BY THE NOBLE COLLECTION. This is a Very Beautiful, Impressive Chess Set. The Set was Released by The Noble Collection & Licensed by New Line Cinema. The Board is Made of A Resin Material. It is 14" X 14" X 4". An Ancient Relief Map of Middle Earth is Mounted Below the Playing Surface, so you Can See the Map Through it. Half of the Squares on the Board are Clear and Half are Frosted. The Base also Features Actual Images and Scenes from the Thrilling New Line Cinema Motion Picture Trilogy. The Base Appears to be Made of Stone and Has 6 Alcoves Along Each Side. The Alcoves will Each Hold A Chess Piece for Display Purposes or to Use During the Game Play to Hold Opponent's Captured Pieces. In the Middle, between Three Alcoves on Two of the Sides are Scenes From the Movies - On One Side the Picture is Frodo and the Good Guys & on the Opposite Side it is the Evil Characters. On the Other Two Sides, it Has A Round Gold-tone Seal that Says "The Lord of the Rings". Each of the Chess Pieces are Precise Miniature Sculptures in Fine, Solid Pewter & are Beautiful, Very Detailed Workmanship. The Sculptured Pieces were Designed to Look Like the Cast Members From ... read more