Lord of the Rings Sketch Card Goodmanson Frodo

Lord of the Rings Sketch Card Kevin graham Ringwraith

Lord of the Rings Masterpieces Sketch Card



Level F

Up for auction we have one official original sketch card, pack pulled and in mint condition .This auction is for the one card listed above , the other cards shown in the multi panel pictures are all available in my other auctions this weekend .This card is not an aftermarket .

Please check my other auctions as I am listing over a 100 cards this weekend with every one of the 67 artists represented !

Highlights include 4 cards sketched by Len Bellinger , a 2 part colour set by Alison Sohn , a 2 card set by watkins Chow , 8 out of 9 cards from a Mike Lilly Panel , 2 cards from Jerry Vanderstelt and a Extremely rare Russ Walks card .

This was the second sketch card release from Topps that came after Evolution and before the sequel Masterpieces II . Many of the artists featureed in masterpieces haven't sketched again , and with no further Lord of the Rings sketch card series planned this may be your last chance to own them !


Card will ship in a penny sleeve in a toploader in a team bag !