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LOTR LCG: The Battle for Lake-town (POD) The Lord of the Rings: The Battle of Lake-town

Prepare yourself for a fight to the death with the legendary dragon Smaug in The Battle of Lake-town , a scenario originally designed for a special event at Gen Con Indy 2012! In this special scenario for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game , Middle-earth’s heroes must defeat the legendary dragon Smaug to save the citizens of Lake-town, but the odds are against them. The town is burning, Smaug’s fires leap from building to building, and as the dragon soars overheard ready to make his next attack, his hide of impenetrable scales protects him from nearly all attempts at retaliation!

The Battle of Lake-town is a challenging scenario that we originally ran as part of a special event and have now made available. The 52 cards of The Battle of Lake-town immerse you in the thrills and perils of Middle-earth as your heroes undertake a three-part quest that sets them right in the middle of one of the most dramatic and action-packed scenes from The Hobbit.

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