Lord of the Rings Royal Selangor Pewter Goblets

6 Lord of the Rings *** LIMITED EDITION *** Royal Selangor Goblets and 2 Shot Glasses!!!!
Gandalf Shot Glass - Specification: This piece is a white Bishop on the chess set. 12.5cm H Dark Tower Shot Glass - No longer available to buy on website below
Orc Wine Glass - Intricate and heavily textured, this pewter wine glass features the face of an Orc.

Specification: Measures 20cm H

Winged Beast Wine Glass - Specification: Measures 22cm H

Frodo Goblet - The charming Hobbit features of this brave hero are captured in the a pewter cup. The One Ring forms the base of the goblet - an apt reference to Frodo's task as Ringbearer. The One Ring is plated in 24K gold and carries the famous inscription in Elvish "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." Specification: 18.5cm H

City of Tirion Wine Glass - Specification: Measures 20.5cm H - glass is loose within the pewter holder but that was how it was bought from the shop so that may be how it is meant to be.

Gandalf Wine Glass - No longer available on website below

Tree Ent Pewter Wine Glass - No longer available on website below

Brand New RRP: £ 884 (The glasses that are no longer available I have estimated as the same price as the similar products)
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