Lords of Middle-earth: Limited Edition - Ares Games War of the Ring Expansion

This is a Limited Edition (#476 of 1000) copy of the Lords of Middle-earth expansion for Ares Games' award winning, grand strategy board game, War of the Ring (WotR). War of the Ring is generally considered one of the best Lord of the Rings themed board games by the gaming community and this expansion is an exceptional addition to the base game (WotR 2nd edition). For those of you anxiously awaiting your Anniversary Release, grab this copy to add to your new prized possession! This copy has never been played with. I opened the box to check the contents only then packed it carefully back up exactly as it was shipped and have stored it in a dry cool room ever since. There is a minor ding in the box top (see pics) that happened during packing at the distributor which is why I have this extra copy to sell (we were allowed to order only a single copy of this magnificent limited edition, I was allowed a second due to this minor box ding). It in no way impacted the game pieces inside the box, everything inside is in perfect order.