LORETTA YOUNG photo from archival negative


If t are any details required specifically related to THIS photo - they will be mentioned just above the three asterisks above Typically - that area is blank. Please read the ENTIRE standardized description in the itemized sections below at least ONCE - especially noting the scan for any white border this image may have within its dimensions. Due to the odd shape of some negatives/slides (which are often square or otherwise ill-fitted to the 8x10 format)- SOME photos will contain a white border WITHIN - yes - WITHIN (not in addition to) their 8x10 dimensions - tfore making the image smaller in the exact proportions shown . If you hate white borders & are unclear about whether a photo has one (tfore making the IMAGE smaller than 8x10) - read the entire explanation in the DESCRIPTION box below. If you are still confused - just ask me.

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