Here is a nice old pre-prohibition beer bottle. I aquired this bottle along with some others I have for sale from an elderly gentleman who lived in Arizona in the 1950's and 1960's. His hobby was looking for old western mining towns, locating the maps for the towns and he would find the old abandoned towns and look for old bottles and other items that miners used way back when. This amber beer bottle is embossed inside a small oval slug plate with an EAGLE on a US Shield perched on top of the words LOS ANGELES BREW CO. The eagle looks a lot like the Anheuser Busch logo but there is no A around the eagle. Bottle is 11 1/2" tall. It has no chips or cracks. I assume this was dug and has staining that will probably require a tumble to clean. It looks to me like someone used this bottle to hold a candle because it had a lot of wax that dripped down the sides and I have tried to clean it off but there is still some that I didn't get off. There is also something inside bottle that will not come out and it may be a chunk of dried wax. This is a nice bottle to add to your back bar, saloon whiskey or liquor bottle collection. I will ship this for a fixed price of $11.50 within the lower 48 states.