Losander's Dancing Broom - great for stage, wizard shows - discontinued & rare

For auction here is Losander's Floating Broom , a truly spellbinding magic trick that would be perfect for Halloween or wizard magic shows or as part of any stage act.
A broom magically rises from the ground, stands up and then floats and flies all around the magician's body. Similar to the Dancing Cane but with much more scope for storytelling and a more logical, interesting routine!
Losander is known as the master of levitation and, with a little practice, this can look like pure magic! S ee a video clip of it in action here /watch?v=z8jYk1mmrXo
This is no longer available to buy new, as the effect has been discontinued so is considered quite rare.
Comes with everything you need including the broom, gimmick and original instructional DVD. In excellent condition, hardly used. Broom comes apart for easy transportation (as in the photos)
Any questions, just ask.