Loss of HMS Serpent Torpedo Cruisers Tartar Archer 1890

This is a vintage engraving and article describing the shipwreck and total loss of the HMS Serpent off the Spanish coast in 1890. The illustration is titled "Torpedo Cruisers of the Tartar and Archer Class." and shows ships similar to the HMS Serpent. The print is in excellent condition. The article describes the ship in great detail and gives details of the wreck near Camarinas. This was published in a British engineering journal and is dated May 14, 1890.

HMS. SERPENT was a twin-screw third-class cruiser, laid down at Devonport in November 1885 and launched on 10 March 1887. 1,770 tons, 225 x 13.6 ft, she was armed with six 6" guns and eight 3-pounders. The original number of ten 14" torpedo tubes had been halved because she was over the designed displacement. She was the first vessel in the Royal Navy to use galvanising to protect metal plates exposed to bilge water. In 1888 and 1889 SERPENT had only been commissioned for the annual manoeuvers before returning to the Reserve, but on 24 June 1890 she was commissioned by Cdr. Harry L. Ross for service on the Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa Station. His officers were:- Lieuts. Guy Greville (navigating), Peter Richards and Torquill Macleod. She sailed from Plymouth on Saturday 8 November. During the night of Monday 9th three seamen from SERPENT, were cast up on a
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