Lost Lake Arrowhead

I am listing a beautiful Lost Lake arrowhead for sale. The arrowhead was found on our fall houseboat cruise in Smithville Tennessee last fall on beatiful Centerhill lake. I was just walking down the bank w the houseboats were docked on the bank and t it lay. The arrowhead is approx. 3 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide at the base. It has only one flaw as you can see in my picture---One ear is broken off. (Was going to have it restored but decided not to.... rather have it current condition). You can have it restored if you wish.The arrowhead is belived on both sides to allow the arrowhead to spin during flight. Thanks for looking and hopefully bidding for the piece of history.

I just added 2 more pic's --My pictuers are comming out dark--But true color of the piece is a light grayish brown color.--Tks for looking

I just added 2 more pic's--These pic's are more the real color of the point.--Tks Dennis