Lost in Space JUPITER 2 OPERATORS MANUAL (2nd Revised)!

Lost in Space JUPITER 2 OPERATOR'S MANUA L (2nd Revise d)

This second edition is a drastic improvement over the first edition with 28 pages of all-new material, fantastic graphics, art, blueprints and photos, and a comprehensive text. It has full color cardstock front and rear covers. A truly great book!

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84 pages. Written by Robert Rowe, Michael Walters, Flint Mitchell, William E. Anchors, Jr., with new graphics from Phil Lublin and Michael Walters. Don't miss this one!

WARNING, WARNING : Beware of First Edition copies with red covers. These were never authorized by Robert Rowe and he receives no compensation for these bootlegs. Original First Edition copies are very scarce with only 200 copies printed over 20 years ago. These can be identified by a light gray cover, stapled contents (none had a “comb binding”), offset printing (not poor quality photocopying), and a $9.99 price tag. Beware of imitations! ALPHA CONTROL PRESS is the ONLY ebay seller authorized to sell the publications of Robert Rowe and Michael Walters.

Chapters include :



A Message from the President

The Jupiter 2 Crew

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