LOT#10 100 BUTTONS Military Uniform Victorian Celluloid

Wecome to the Salemgrayman! If you are familiar with our site you know that we have been selling buttons like crazy! Spring's and we are cleaning house! Instead of 1 or 2 buttons we are selling a 100 at a time. 100 a day until they are gone!!! Tomorrow will be the last day of buttons and the lot will be finished. Tomorrow's buttons will be more than 100 and just as fine! The So take a look because they span from the Civil War to World War 2. T IS A CAMBRIDGE NY INK BLOTTER, set of political cufflinks, Troy NY Advertising Card and advertising buttons, Victorian metal buttons, uniform buttons and Enamel political BUTTONS, military buttons and More! This is a great lot so take a look at all the pictures and enjoy!!!

Happy Spring!