Lot of 10 90 percent silver Roosevelt dimes

In this auction your bidding on a lot of 10 90 percent silver Roosevelt dimes, these dimes are in fair condition with some tarnish. Some of the dimes are in better condition than some of the others. The years for these circulated dimes are 1962,1947,1953,1959,1964,1962,1947,1964,1959 and 1964. Please do look at all the photos I have included, so you can see the condition of these coins as I have explained. Also the coins in the photos you see are the coins you will receive. Also I have placed these coins in brand new holders with item number as well. If you have any questions about these coins please feel free to ask. Please make payment through PayPal within 3 days of auction ending, also once payment is received then I will ship items. Thanks and .