Lot of 10 DELL Optiplex 745 Desktop 1GB RAM 80GB HDD No Operating System

✸ SALE ✸ LIMITED QUANTITY ✸ SAVE ✸ LOT of 10 DELL Optiplex 745 Desktop Computer
1GB RAM Memory & 80GB Hard Drive

Listed for sale LOT of TEN (10) DELL Optiplex 745 desktop computers with 1GB memory and 80GB hard drive. Computers are fully functional but come with no operating system installed. Original COA (Certificate of Authenticity) label for Microsoft Windows Vista is included.

Reliable and affordable computers for home office, educational facility, knowledge and office workers, marketers, auto repair shop, or even medical facility. Plenty of USB ports. Can be used standing upright or in resting on the side (includes rubber bumpers).

Since there is no operating system installed, these computers are best suited for someone who knows how to install operating system software, device drivers, and other software. You will not receive software support, recovery media, or installation discs.

Condition ✸✸✸✸✸

Each unit in the lot has been inspected and meets the following conditions:

Completes Power On Self Test (POST) without errors Correct display color and resolution CD/DVD-ROM Drive can open and close tray, read media Exterior body is free of major damage Some scratches and scuff marks are visible on some units Some units may be missing front stickers (Microsoft
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