Lot of 10 Pens/Pencils: Wahl Bantam Desk Pen, Parker 41 Pencil, Sheaffers, ETC!!

Lot of 10 Pens & Pencils!

Item 1 & 2 is a Morrison’s Set in gold-plate in the box! The pen is a lever filler and is 5 1/8” long. The steel nib says Morrison’s Pen. The pencil is 4.75” long and works! No dings or dents in this set! The box is corners are torn.

Item 3 is a Sheaffer White Dot Baby Balance in marine green with gold-filled trim. It is a lever filler and is 4.25” long. The large nib says Sheaffers Lifetime. The barrel is slightly darker than the cap. The barrel imprint is excellent.

Item 4 is a Sheaffer Vigilant pen in green with black stripes. It has gold filled trim and is a lever filler. The pen is 5 1/8” long and the nib says Sheaffers Lifetime as it is a White Dot Model. The barrel imprint is good.

Item 5 is a Sheaffer Balance Pen in black with mother-of-pearl chips. It is a lever filler with gold filled trim. It is 5.5” long and the barrel imprint is excellent. The nib says Sheaffers 3 Made in USA. The barrels' mother-of-pearl chips are slightly darker than the cap.

Item 6 is a Esterbrook Large Size Pen in Black with double black jewels. It is a lever filler and is 5” long with a Estey 2668 nib.

Item 7 is a Eversharp Streamliner Pen in black with gold filled trim and a lever filler. It is 5” long and the nib says Eversharp Made in USA. I do see a few light
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