Lot of 10 Scrimshaw Nautical Spoons Lot 2

Please read carefully: We just purchased a large toy and comic book collection from an estate sale. What does this mean exactly? It means now we have to push hard to sale our Scrimshaw items so we can get ready to focus on our newest purchase. Some people like to put items in lots - mainly because they have surplus. However, to help us sale our items faster and plus because of limited supplies, we are throwing our items in lots to move them fast and some of these lots, that's all that is left of those particular types. Please check out our deals - some of the best for scrimshaw on Ebay with a lot of 3 items for $9.95 going on there. Yes we do combine on shipping.
Little history of our scrimshaw items. My family and I love to go flea marketing, auctions, etc. Back in 2004 we went to a local auction and won this scrimshaw collection. According to the manager and the paperwork we receive in the storage shed, the original owner was from Mass. and had this collection in storage down here in Florida since the early 1990s. Not sure how old the Scrimshaw is.
Description: This lot consist of 10 Scrimshaw nautical spoons. All spoons are very rusty and will require a lot of cleaning.
Any questions, please contact us. Again - we do combine on shipping to save buyer money!