Lot 10 SILVER DEMITASSE SPOONS Waldorf Astoria Victor


I do not know if these are solid silver or silver plate

1 - FLORAL HANDLE SPOON ~ Backside embossed: H. & T. MFG. CO. ~ Measures 4 1/2" long ~ pretty floral design on front handle, either Meadow Flower or Bermuda Rose pattern ~ Good vintage condition with tarnishing and normal wear

4 - LONGCHAMPS REED & BARTON ~ Spoons are incised with: Longchamps ~ Backside marked: REED & BARTON BANQUET PLATE ~ These come from Longchamps Restaurants in New York ~ Age unknown ~ Measure slightly over 4 1/2" long ~ Good vintage condition ~ these are tarnished and need a polishing ~ normal signs of use, scratches, some knicks, the bowl of one has a slight bend on the edge, two have slight bends on the handle

1 - WALDORF ASTORIA ~ Backside embossed: VICTOR S. CO. ~ Incised down the handle is: WALDORF ASTORIA ~ Measures 4 1/2" long ~ scrolled design on the tip of the handle on front side ~ Good condition ~ tarnished and could use a polishing ~ normal scratches from use

3 - WALDORF ASTORIA ~ Elegant design on the front with what appears to be WA engraved on the handle edge inside a wreath ~ 1) Back of handle incised in a banner: I S CO WALDORF ASTORIA 1923 ~ 2) Back of handle incised in a banner: I S CO WALDORF ASTORIA 1924 ~ 3) Back of handle incised in
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