eBay's best UNCLEANED ANCIENT ROMAN COINS + BONUS rare! Item Description ANCIENT ROMAN COINS dating back 2,000 years! We are liquidating a large portion of our collection! This is your opportunity to buy our high quality uncleaned and unsearched ancient roman coins! We are able to offer these QUALITY coins at a BARGAIN price because we have been buying them directly from European excavators for years. Guaranteed to be the best deal on eBay! 1 winning bid = 10 ancient coin
These DIRTY coins can be CLEANED to reveal their hidden BEAUTY! Bring ANCIENT HISTORY back to life! These coins are a great addition to any collection, a valuable investment, and tons of FUN! All of my uncleaned roman coins came from the source... excavators across Europe dug up these ancient treasures from their resting place of nearly 2,000 years. I have accumulated a large collection of these which still remain uncleaned, and now I am offering them to you!

Back when these coins were in circulation t were no banks. The owners of these coins often buried them to store or hide their money. Many of these buried estates were forgotten about or left behind by fallen soldiers. Now many excavators across Europe use metal detectors to find these ancient stashes and ship them over to be enjoyed by all!
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These coins are cleaned easily by soaking them in olive oil for a period of time, and then scrubbing the dirt off with a medium brush (an old toothbrush works fine!). This will reveal the details hidden by the crusty roman dirt!

Shipping Information

Coins will be shipped via USPS.

Shipping is FREE for this item (within the USA)

International bidders, please contact me before buying to discuss shipping terms.

Payment Information

PayPal preferred.

T will be no return on cleaned coins

Payment must be sent within 5 days of auction end. Buyer must contact me within 3 days auction und.

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