Lot of 11 Elvis Presley Advertisements Plus 2 small Booklets

This is a Lot of 11 different Elvis Presley Advertisements, Plus 2 small RCA Booklets.
10 are Advertisements (PLEASE NOTE) that I had taken out of magazines from the 60"s, o f items that we used to be able to buy. I have taken pictures of the front and the back.
#2 One of these Ads is from RCA, Advertising Elvis R ecords. This is as far as I know an original advertisement that was put out by RCA at Christmas 1961. This was sent to me from the Graceland Fan Club. From Elvis and the Colonel. The back of the ad is plain. Each page has been kept inside plastic holders.
#3-are 2 small Booklets put out by RCA. The booklets do have some writing in then as well as check marks.As a teenager I used to mark the records I wanted to buy or had. Sorry about that. Also the end binding on the one is coming lose, So Please Keep Note Of That.
I was not sure if anyone might be interested in any of these so I am just putting them up in case someone might have some of these Elvis items. It is kinds of nice to have the add that goes with the item. Thank You for looking