Lot of 12 vintage and unopened Medicines Old Drug Store Stock Bottles and Tins

For auction is this lot of twelve different vintage medicines and devices auctioned from an old closed drug store recently. They are Dr. A.C. Daniels Golden Liniment from Boston, Mass. still boxed and full unused; Bliss Native Herbs from Washington D.C. and Montreal with laxative pills and literature inside; an empty 30-tablet tin of Anacin; Baalman's Gas Tablets still boxed and tissue paper covered unopened; empty bottle of Ethyl Nitrite from Mallinckrodt Chemical Works; Glover's Imperial Medicated Soap unused in the box with paper literature; Haysma for relief of colds, hay fever and asthma still boxed; Sanitary Sponge tin (I think it is still inside, but can't get it open);Bag Balm Dilators for dairy cows from Lyndonville, Vermont; Asepto Syringe still boxed and unused; Packer's Tar Soap empty tin and Hanford's Balsam of Myrrh mostly empty bottle in box with literature. This is a nice selection of vintage remedies, etc. that most probably date between 1930s-1940s. Email any questions. Sold only as a collectible.