Lot of 12 Vtg. Comic Books, Dell/Best Syndicated/K.K. Publishers, No Covers

This is a lot of 12 vintage comic books from the 1960's, with various publishers. They all show signs of age and wear, with a bit of writing here and there, and fragile edges, with other worn areas. From K.K.Publications, Inc. the titles are: 1. The Wild, Wild West, The Phantom From the Past 1966, 2. Turok, Son of Stone, The Arrow of Fear July 1964, 3. Turok Son of Stone, Frozen Fear March 1964, 4. Boris Karloff, Tales of Mystery, The Fire Worshippers June 1967, 5. Boris Karloff, Tales of Mystery, The Stranglers Hand Sept 1967. From Best Syndicated Features, Inc.: 1. Forbidden Worlds, Don't Let the Ghost Take Shape 1966, 2. Forbidden Worlds, Magicman vs. The Wizard of Science 1965, 3. Adventures into the Unknown, Case of the Tittering Texan! 1965. From Dell Publishing Co.: 1. Frankenstein, The Monster Lives Aug-Oct 1964, 2 The Outer Limits, The Prehistoric Peril Jan 1967, 3. Ghost Stories, Return to Kmogo July-Sept 1965, 4. Flying Saucers, No One Shall Know July 1967. Thank you for looking.