Lot of 14 Paperback Books by Mort Walker - BEETLE BAILEY (9) / Hi and Lois (5)

Beetle Bailey / Hi and Lois Illustrated Paperback Comic Books by Mort Walker
For your consideration are 14 illustrated paperback comic books. All of the books are in excellent condition (have been read but the book bindings aren't cracked). One book, Beetle Bailey Hey There! has wear on the cover and markings on the back (pictures 3 and 4 show this). The titles are:
Beetle Bailey, Hey There!
Beetle Bailey, That Sinking Feeling
Beetle Bailey, Lets Change Places
Beetle Bailey, Quit Hangin' Around!
Beetle Bailey, The Rough Riders
Beetle Bailey, Take Ten
Beetle Bailey, Wiped out
Beetle Bailey, Welcome to Camp Swampy! (Double Book)
Beetle Bailey, Behind the Eight Ball Again!
Hi and Lois, Couch Potatoes!
Hi and Lois, House Calls
Hi and Lois, Modern Chaos!
Hi and Lois, Good Housekeeping
Hi and Lois, Sleepbusters!