Lot 145+ Vintage 1930's Paper Dolls Animals & Clothes

Up for auction, a large Lot of Vintage Paper Dolls numbering over 145 pieces. Photo 1 shows a general overview of all the dolls, animals or characters. The rest of the photos show the dolls, animals and characters with their clothes and accessories:
Photo 2: A variety of Puppies, Kittens and Baby Bears in a schoolroom setting. The bigger animals are 6 1/2" in height while the smaller ones are under 4". The smaller ones come with accessories such as desks and a trike. Photo 3: A family of five children. The big sister is 9" tall while the baby is 5 1/2" seated. The big sister comes with a scooter, the big brother comes with a bicycle, the little sister has a trike and the little brother has a sit on scooter. The baby comes with crib, a rocking horse, a tub and a rocking ducky. Photo 4: One of the McLaughlin Round About Dolls of 1936 #555 by Betty Campbell with a full wardrobe of wrap around dresses, coats, pinafores, pants and accessories to match. Photo 5: Orphan Annie and her dog Sandy with coat, 4 dresses and a hat. A sweet doll named Nancy with four dresses. A family of four dolls cut from a children's magazine. The mother has two dresses, the daughter has three and the boy and the baby each have one. The last doll is a elegant newspaper doll with three stylish dresses. Photo 6: 8 Paper Dolls ranging in height from under
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