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* Old & New lures, Spinners, hooks etc *

You are bidding on this lot of Fishing gear. The Spinners on the bottom-left are gold and silver ones are marked either size no. 2 or 3. They are in nice condition. They look like Colorado spinners. T are other various spinners too. The large trolling spinner is brass, and is tarnished. It could easily be polished up though. T are a number of various sized Rooster tail spinners, in like new and some in used condition. T is also Mepps type spinners, and one is an Abu Spinner. T are Stee-lee lures, an Evans Lure, a Les Davis Lure, many Luhr Jensen lures, some Martins, some Triple Teazers, some Shoffs, and an Otto's spinner. T are also tons of hooks, and treble hooks, and also hooks on leader line. This is one BIG assortment of fishing gear! The cost of purchasing these lures and gear separetly would far exceed this low price. Good Luck!

65+ Lures and Spinners -- Rooster tail/Martin/Luhr Jensen/Shoff's/Les Davis/Stee-Lee/Triple Teazer/ Evans/ Ottos,

15+ Bobbers

3 Stringers -- one metal, two rope

100+ hooks -- 10 Boxes of various kinds of hooks. Some HUGE treble hooks, and smaller ones, some weedles hooks, a few salmon egg hooks, etc

40+ packages of Salmon egg hooks + leader -- many sizes, but mostly the smaller size 12. t are 3 at least hooks in each package, which means more than 120 lines with hooks!

-- lead weights, swivels, fishing box, ETC!

Please eMail for questions. International buyers are welcome. (Please know that shipping is more and please eMail us for the price. We are more than happy to eMail you an exact postage price before the auction ends. Otherwise, wait for an invoice so that we do not have to bill you for the extra shipping. The calculator below is only a calculator to help you gauge what shipping will cost you). Please double check with us for the exact amount. Thank you kindly and good luck!

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