Lot of 16 REAL PHOTO (RPPC) Postcards * PLACES *

Lot of 16 Real Photo Postcards


The photos which accompany this listing are of those postcards which you will receive in this lot. There is a photo of each individual postcard included in this listing for your review (up to eBay's allowable limit of photos). My postcard lots are not a grab bag. These postcards are both used and unused.

My listings of this type consist generally of undivided back, pre-linen, white border, linen, and post-linen postcards. Due to the age of these postcards (many 75-100 years old) it is reasonable to expect that there may be some light corner wear, crease, smudging, etc. No postcard with a significant tear or crease will be included in my listings.


MUST READ DETAILS BEFORE PROCEEDING : I am happy to offer again this year free shipping on all mailings (up to 50 cards in a single listing) within the United States. The shipping cost to me in 2011 was $3,600+. In return for the free shipping, I do require that by placing a bid for any of my listings, bidders agree to the following terms, with no exception. These terms are just common sense and already assumed by most bidders/buyers; however, eBay asks that sellers be very specific with their
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