Lot of 2 17" Large Plush BUILD A BEAR 2B Made Sweetheart Dolls w/Clothes

This is a lot of 2 Buid A Bear 2B Made Sweetheart dolls. They are the large dolls approximately 17" tall. They are fully stuffed bodies, not the long skinny legged babw dolls. The are both in Great condition. They each have long yarn hair, the blond has blue eyes and is wearing a 2 pc authentic babw outfit with pink panties. The brown haired doll has brown eyes, three bows in her hair, wearing an authentic babw outfit with butterflies and the top reads "Bella Butterfly", with a pair of pink panties. These dolls are very hard to find in this condition along the original clothing. Free S/H, once the BIN feature is selected you will be taken to the checkout. Happy Holidays.