lot 17 of tubes filter capacitor

It is time once again to start selling my father estate stuff. It is important that I get this done. I am selling the stuff AS IS . This is a large lot of tubes. I have no way of testing them to see if they work. I am listing some of them for you. Please let the pictures tell the story. I have many tubes to sell. Some in original boxes many not. I have placed each tube with a box in front of the box. Each tube without a box will be inidivually wrapped in paper so that each does not touch the other in transit. If you win the lot I would appreciate hearing from you so that I will know if everything arrived alright. Thanks

RCA 811-A

U.S. Army U.S. Navy Jan CHY-35Z4GT Hytron

Ken-Rad VT-107

RCA U.S. Army Signal Corps VT-131

Westinghouse 6BQ7A

GE Electronic 6SK7

Motorola 6 CE5

Sylvania electronic tube hytron 6U8A

RCA electron tube

RCA 232117 capacitor variable 22pf (on box) 34630511 on part

Motorola low pass filter 500 (on box) 3465333 -0003 100 OHMS on part

RCA 455 KC filter sealed selectivity part 3460514-1 455 KC center freq. 12KC bandwidth

RCA electron tube 6B46

Motorola part 19 475605 (on box) 160-107-2 on part


RCA Victor 35Z5 two of them

Sentinel 4-39

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