Lot of 18 Spiritual & Meditation Fragrance OilsL_Wiccan_Spells_Spiritual_Magical

Up for sale is a LOT of 18 Fragrance Oils: 9 SPIRITUAL POWER FRAGRANCE OILS & 9 MEDITATION OILS! 1/2 Ounce in each bottle
These normally sell for 4.95 or 3 for 12.00 in stores.
This would be a great buy if you have an online store or a physical store in which you either sell oils or are thinking of starting to sell oils. These oils sell quickly and their smell is heavenly.
I am a 4th Generation Wiccan with over 30 years experience, so if you have a question, please feel free to ask me!
Spiritual Power Oil
I use this oil to anoint the top of my head and the back of my neck and then I pray(Yes I as a Wiccan pray too). When I feel the need to connect with God, Faeries, Angels or my Guides for answers that can only come from them in my time of need!
Usually I use this oil before studying a spiritual book, taking a class, asking for guidance or before I take a test! This Spiritual Power Oil also can help you stabilize yourself and become stronger in your Faith...it can help you to draw closer to your beliefs and aid you in gaining wisdom and insight from your Faith...it will aid you as you study and research information about your beliefs and faith...you will begin to listen to that still, small voice inside that guides you to Higher Ground and helps you make good, spiritual choices in your daily life!
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