Lot of 18 teen paperback books,Silhouette,Judy Baer,Point,Flare,Pacer,Avon,more

Lot of 18 teen paperback books.These include: 1. Cross your Heart-by Bruce and Carole Hart-1988 Avon flare book. 2. How do You Lose Those Ninth Grade Blues?by Barthe DeClements.Point Book. Scholastic-1983- 3. What do You Do In Quicksand?novel by Lois Ruby-1981 Fawcett Juniper Book.Small crease on front cover.Some wear on spine.4. Kate Herself by Helen Erskine.1st Love by silhouette.1981- 5. Advice and Consent-by Bea Alexander-1983-1st Love by Silhouette. Crease on top front cover opening side. 6. In The Long Run-by Bea Alexander-1st Love by Silhouette.1984- 7. When September Returns-by McClure Jones-1st Love by Silhouette-1982- 8. That Certain Boy by Doreen Malek-1983-1st Love by Silhouette. 9.Sometimes I Love my Mother-by Hila Colman-1977 Point Book- 10. Nobody's Baby now-by carol Lea Benjamin-1985 pacer Book- 11. Don't Tell Me that you Love Me-by Hila Colman -1983-Archway book-Small crease on front cover opening side. 12. Class Pictures-by marilyn sachs-Avon /Flare book- 1982 -13. Adrienne-by Judy Baer-Springflower books-1987- 14. New Girl in Town-Cedar River Daydreams-by judy Baer-Bethany house Publishers-1988- 15. Confessions of a Teenage T.V.Addict- by Ellen Leroe-Berkley Pacer book-1986- 16. The Pig-Out Blues-by Jen Greenberg-Crease on front and back covers. 17. The Party Line -Rosie's Popularity Plan-by Carrie Austen-

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