LOT. 19 Barbie & Friends Book Club Series

LOT. Barbie & Me Book Club. 19 books including:
The Giant Panda Problem ISBN: 0-7172-8824-2
A Change of Direction ISBN: 0-7172-8887-0
A Place Called Home ISBN: 0-7172-8861-7
A Ride For Freedom ISBN: 0-7172-8856-0
Three Cheers for Becky ISBN: 0-7172-8828-5
The Turquoise Trail Mystery ISBN: 0-7172-8899-8
Skipper's Baby-sitting Blues ISBN: 0-7172-8829-3
A Stitch in Time ISBN: 0-7172-8802-1
The Pyramid Adventure ISBN: 0-7172-8797-1
Girl's Best Friend ISBN: 0-7172-8796-3
The Silver Deer ISBN: 0-7172-8803-X
Safe and Sound ISBN: 0-7172-8801-3
The Class Act ISBN: 0-7172-8798-X
Little Sisters Keep Out ISBN: 0-7172-8855-2
High Sea Adventure ISBN: 0-7172-8860-9
Mystery at the Snowy Woods Inn ISBN: 0-7172-8889-7
The Clue in the Haunted Library ISBN: 0-7172-8854-4
Best birthday Party Ever ISBN: 0-7172-8892-7
Clawman's Warning ISBN: 0-7172-8857-9
All books are at a 9-12 year old's reading level. Also all contain illustrations, pictures AND a spelling list at the beginning of every book.