19 Monster trucks 13 Hotwheels, 2 are made by Maisto and 1 is made by smart beam .. Play with to very nice condition . I will list and point out the noticeable ones as best I can as far as clips in paint.. Please view all pictures ask questions ..Sold as pictured.. I will ship Priority large flat rate box..
1 Wolverine large scale clips in paint on back
2 Tuffe Nuff
3 Chillin Villain
4 High Voltage made by Maisto
5 Goldberg
6 Reptiod
7 Grave Digger top decal clipped
8 Suzuki Makita yellow truck
9 Police truck made by Smart Beam with Flashing lights and sound
10 Demons Dirt 50 F150 made by Masito
11 Screamin Demon
12 El Toroloco
13 Steel Striker decal clips one side
14 Spike
15 mini Truck Madfast
16 Large scale Gunslinger
17 World Finals
18 Turiles
19 Destroyer