Lot of 20 German 1, 5, & 10 Pfennig Coins Third Reich WW2 Era w/ Swastika NR! 8

PLEASE READ OUR WHOLE AUCTION INCLUDING ALL THE DETAILS ABOVE AND BELOW THE PICTURES BEFORE BIDDING ON OUR ITEMS!!! Twenty German Pfennig Coins I recently acquired a bunch of stock from the estate of a coin dealer that used to set up at flea markets in my area. There are a bunch of German coins from the WW2 years. I am no expert on German coins but I will be selling the coins in from this estate on eBay so be sure to check my other auctions. This auction is for a group of twenty German Pfennig coins. These are from the WW2 Third Reich Era and have the swastika symbol on them. There are four 10 Pfennig coins (1940 D, and three 1944 F), six 5 pfennig coins (four 1940 A, 1941 D, and 1942 F), and ten 1 pfennig coins (194? ?, and nine 1944 G). The coins are raw and ungraded. They came back from Germany at the end of WW2 so some of these may be in nice and possibly uncirculated condition. I am no expert though so I have not graded this item but I have taken pictures so you can see the condition and make your own judgments. This is an excellent addition to any collection.
See pictures and feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have about this auction. If you have questions about shipping costs please read our policies below the pictures before sending us those questions. We always try to make shipping as affordable as possible
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