Lot of 20 Hardy Boys Books by Franklin W. Dixon, Great Airport Mystery, Arcti..

Please note: Nancy Drew book NOT included. Titles and numbers of Hardy Boys are The Great Airport Mystery 9; The Arctic Patrol Mystery, 48; The Clue of the Broken Blade 21; Danger on Vampire Trail 50; The Flickering Torch Mystery 22; The Ghost at Skeleton Rock 37; The House on the Cliff 2; Hunting for Hidden Gold 5; The Jungle Pyramid 56; The Mystery of Cabin Island 8; Mystery of the Desert Giant 40; The Secret Agent on Flight 101 46; The Secret of the Caves 7; The Secret of the Old Mill 3; The Secret of Skull Mountain 27; The Shore Road Mystery 6; The Tower Treasure 1; What Happened at Midnight 10; While the Clock Ticked 11; and The Witchmaster's Key 55.
Dates shown range from 1959-1977; however, all have ISBN #'s which appear to indicate reprints.