Lot of 20 ValueTales books by Johnson~18 are 1st Editions~Value Tales~Hardcovers

You are looking at 20 hardcover "ValueTales" books in good to like new... overall very good conditions...no writing in books. All except 2 are 1st editions, 2 are 2nd editions.

The Value of...

Love-The Story of Johnny Appleseed (1979 1st edition) Caring-The Story of Eleanor Roosevelt (1977 1st edition) Facing a Challenge-The Story of Terry Fox (1983 1st edition) Responsibility-The Story of Ralph Bunche (1978 1st edition) Sharing-The Story of the Mayo Brothers (1978 1st edition) Humor-The Story of Will Rogers (1976 1st edition) Saving-The Story of Benjamin Franklin (1978 1st edition) Adventure-The Story of Sacagawea (1980 1st edition) Dedication-The Story of Albert Schweitzer (1979 1st edition) Understanding-The Story of Margaret Mead (1979 1st edition) Truth and Trust-The Story of Cochise (1977 1st edition) Respect-The Story of Abraham Lincoln (1977 1st edition) Curiosity-The Story of Christopher Columbus (1977 1st edition) Courage-The Story of Jackie Robinson (1977 1st edition) Friendship-The Story of Jane Addams (1979 1st edition) Learning-The Story of Marie Curie (1978 1st edition) Helping-The Story of Harriet Tubman (1979 1st edition) Foresight-The Story of Thomas Jefferson (1979 1st edition) Determination-The Story of Helen Keller (1976 2nd edition) Patience-The Story of the Wright Brothers (1976 2nd edition)
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