Lot of 235 Wheat Back Pennies Lincoln Penny ESTATE SALE unsearched lot

ESTATE SALE LOT of two hundred and thirty five (235) assorted date LINCOLN CENT Wheat back pennies. These were found in an old cigar box and the family stated they were likely saved in the 1960s. There are very few war-time steel pennies we can see when dumped out for the photographs. Very, very few appear to be almost uncirculated, however most are in average circulated condition. Have likely been sitting in the box, stored on a top closet shelf for 50+ years.

No "smoke & mirrors here". Lord knows there is enough of that on these hundreds of "unsearched rolls" eBay auctions ( yeah, right ). I doubt if these are extremely valuable but..... we want to just let the high bidder take them on a NO-RESERVE auction which we'll start for just one US dollar. The high bidder sets the actual sale price.

SHIPPING: the winning bidder pays $5.00 for economy shipping to any destination in the United States of America.