Lot of 24 Arizona RED license plates, License plate lot, letters, crafts, (#14)

One lot of 24 Arizona RED & White license plates. The plates overall are in good shape. They have a matt paint finish so they may need a little extra wiping before cutting. Otherwise, what a great color to use along the borders and for letters. It really stands out. These plates are a little older, but only to the late 90's and early 2000's. They're perfect for splashes of color in the license plate letter signs, craft or art items, and are of course, pretty much ready for cutting. I cleaned each with mild soapy water. With this batch, you may have to touch them up - the matt finish shows more of that great Arizona dirt. I got all that I could! This is a batch of super plates - more to come, I'm sure!
I am happy to combine shipping expenses on the purchase of multiple items!