Lot of 25 alphabet photography letter photo decor art

Auction is for 25 (twenty five!) individual 4 " X 6" original prints of your choice. These letters are shown for illustration purposes only. Almost 500 quality prints to choose from at [spell it with an "F"]. When the auction ends, the winner will send a list of selected prints from among those found at in the "one letter at a time" gallery. 25 prints of your choice. This starting bid amount is almost half off of regular price with free shipping.

Very low contrast color. Almost black and white but not quite- for a very unique look (also available in color, sepia and black and white). email for inquiries on custom orders. Once I have received payment and you have selected the prints you want- they will be printed just for you and shipped within 3 business days.

Framed products like this sell for well over $100.00 for only 6 or 8 letters and up to 1/3 of that cost is usually just to cover shipping. Choose your own letters for a FRACTION of that cost and apply the difference toward a custom frame made to your own specifications. I have had custom frames made w you can swap out the photos and change the different letter prints any time you like.

You will get a beautiful quality product for much less AND get to choose and customize your art any way you like by choosing both the prints and the frame.

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