Lot of 26 Old Vintage Antique Door Lock Skeleton Keys

For sale with Buy-It-Now I have this lot of 26 antique skeleton keys. These are the kind of keys that fit door locks. All of the keys in this lot are made of iron or steel and most originally had a nickel plated finish. A few of the keys retain most of the nickel plate and most of the keys have the plating completely gone with some keys having light rust scale. All of the keys in this lot are average with regard to condition. Individual key numbers present are: Corbin #P4, Corbin #P6, Lockwood #'s (2) 1, 2, 3,, Russell & Erwin, (2) Yale & Towne, numbered keys: (2) 3, 5, 7, (2) 8, 31, (2) 41, (3) 51, (2) 21, 2 unmarked and 1 that I can't read the number... Thanks for looking and have a great day!... Kevin