Lot of 28 Beatles 45's from 80s Juke Box records that were never played??

These Beatles 45s were from a juke box company and were to be used in jukboxes in the 80s..I am not a record expert but all but one of this lot appear to have never been played. I see no marks where they would have been continuously picked up and played by the jukbox. They appear to be ones that never got in the jukeboxes. But im not 100% sure of this.They have been sitting around since the 80s and are dusty etc, and may need some minor cleaning up. Most sleeves are far from perfect with creases and wear from being around for so long. I know i can make alot more money by selling these separately but i do not have the time to deal with them. You can buy these take what you want and sell the rest. The ones on the left with the better sleves are the only duplicates in this group....Like i said some will need some minor cleaning from just being around for so long......NO INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS . I am listing other 45s so check them out. You are buying as is...Thanks for looking..