Lot of 30 Marbled Fossil-Stone Eggs, for Easter, Rock Collectors, or Re-sellers

This auction is for a heavy lot of 30 life-size stone eggs. A couple are already polished, but most have a rough, matte surface, just waiting for a collector or retailer to finish!
They are not quite uniform in size or shape. Sizes range from 2 1/4 " to 2 1/2 " in length.
All these stone eggs were "rescued"; they come from a collector who moved away and could not take the stones with them.
One still had a label on it, reading "Turkey", which has since fallen off, so I believe that the origin of the stone is probably the middle east.
Several of them have surface cracks and/or small but noticeable chips
(which should become un noticeable once re-polished?).
Please see photos. They are as pictured.

I believe most if not all of these stone eggs are perfectly salvageable. The variation is quite beautiful, and colors will intensify if given a glossy finish.
I have no way to do the polishing myself, lacking both equipment and experienced skill for the process.
The eggs are streaked and marbled, many with remnant fossil inclusions. They range in color from a light taupe to a rose beige. Most are speckled, and several have parts that are translucent, almost crystalline.
Please email me if you
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